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Pictured above is the son of Alex and Margaret Whitfield and his family:
The "J.W." Joseph Willliam Whitfield Family -
Back row: Dillie Whitfield and J.W. Whitfield.
Front Row: Fannie Whitfield, unknown girl, Ethel Whitfield, Rodella Whitfield, unknown boy, Archie Whitfield,
Lenora Whitfield and James Whitfield. Click on the photo for a larger view.

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Alex Whitfield (b. April, 1830 – d. between 1910 and 1920)
Alex Whitfield, married his 1st wife Margaret Croom in Kinston, NC (Lenoir County). Alex and Margaret Whitfield had 9 children that we know of, however there could be more. After his firs wife Margaret passed away Alex married his 2nd wife Gatsy (b.1837 - d April 11, 1924). Gatsy had 9 children from a previous marriage, but no kids with Alex.

Alex and family may have spent some time in Monroe County, Mississippi. Unknown if additional family was located there.

Len Whitfield (b. 1842 – d. ??
We believe Len Whitfield was Alex Whitfield's younger brother based on the 1870 census records for Guilford county, North Carolina. Len Whitfield was 28 years old in 1870 and is listed with his wife Telia Whitfield in Guilford county, NorthCarolina. Also on that same list with Len and Telia in the 1870 census are Alex Whitfield's three sons William (Joseph William "J.W."), Walter and Albert.

Children of Alex and Margaret Whitfield are 2nd Generation denoted by the icon.

         Joseph William "J.W." Whitfield (b.Oct. 1, 1862, Kinston, NC - May 19, 1924)
            Married Dillie (b.Feb. 2, 1870 - d.May 22, 1947)

            Children of Joseph William and Dillie Whitfield:

                 William Vanderbilt Whitfield (b. 1890, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Annie

                    Children of William Vanderbilt and Annie Whitfield:

                         Jesse Vanderbelt Whitfield (b.Mar. 26, 1915, Kinston, NC - d.Sept. 25, 1981)

                                 Helen Marie Whitfield

                         Annie Mae Whitfield (b.1918, Kinston, NC)

                         Pauline Whitfield (b.1923, Kinston, NC)

                         Elizabeth Johnnie Whitfield (b.1924, Kinston, NC - d. July 2005)

                         Jasper Whitfield (b.Feb. 16th, 1925, Kinston, NC - d.May 1985, Brooklyn, NY)

                         Mary Etta Whitfield (b. 1923, Kinston, NC)
                            Married David Tice

                                 Michael Tice
                                         Kim Tice
                                         Michael Tice Jr.

                                 Gerald Tice
                                         Jannell Tice

                                 Kenneth Earl Whitfield (b.1947)
                                         Joann Whitfield (b.1966)
                                         Jackie Nine Whitfield (b.1967)

                 Inez Whitfield (b.1895, Kinston, NC)

                 Fannie Whitfield (b.1897, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Walter Wilson in 1919

                    Children of Fannie Whitfield and Walter WIlson:

                         Cornelia Wilson (b.1921 - d.2007)
                            Married Lloyd Jasper Dixon, Sr.

                            Children of Cornelia Wilson and Lloyd Jasper Dixon, Sr.:

                                 Henry Earl Dixon

                                     Children of Henry Earl Dixon and Lucy:

                                         Henry Earl Dixon, Jr.
                                         Yvette Dixon
                                         Yolanda Dixon

                                     Child of Henry Earl Dixon and Deloris:

                                         Kimmy Dixon

                                 Robert Allen Dixon

                                     Children of Robert Allen Dixon and Eula Russell:

                                         Dexter Dixon
                                         Robert Allen Dixon, Jr.
                                         Angel Heart Dixon
                                         Charmaine Dixon

                                 Flora Dixon
                                    Married George Town

                                         Bonnie Dixon

                                 Lloyd Jasper Dixon, Jr.

                                     Child of Lloyd Jasper Dixon, Jr. and Annie King:

                                         Luteesha Dixon
                                         Eric Dixon

                         Earl Wilson (b.1923)

                         Walter L. Wilson (b.1924)

                         Doris Wilson (b.1927)

                         Wilber Wilson (b.1928)

                         Palmer Lee Wilson (b.1929)
                            Married Leola

                         Dorothy Wilson

                         Pete Wilson

                         Joseph Wilson

                         Fannie Wilson

                         Lenora Wilson

                 Lenora Whitfield (b.1899, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Sam Raspberry, Sr.

                    Children of Lenora Whitfield and Sam Raspberry, Sr.:

                         Mary Ethel Raspberry

                         Irma Raspberry

                         Mary Elnora Raspberry

                         Clarence Raspberry

                         Wilbert Raspberry

                         Onetta Raspberry

                         Inez Raspberry
                            Married Brock

                         Mamie Raspberry
                            Married Washington

                                 Maurice Raspberry
                                 Gary Washington
                                 Felicia Wade
                                 Michelle Mason

                         Sam Raspberry, Jr.

                 James Whitfield (b.1901, Kinston, NC)

                 Archie Whitfield (b.1903, Kinston, NC)

                 Leola Whitfield (b.1905, Kinston, NC)
                    Later became Leola Strong

                 Mary Whitfield (b.1908, Kinston, NC )

                 Joseph Whitfield (b.1909, Kinston, NC - d.Sept. 1973, Wash. D.C.)
                    Lived in Wash. D.C. (according to 1930 census) and was married to Mary

                 Rodella Whitfield "Aunt Dee" (b.1912, Kinston, NC - d.July, 1978)
                    Married James Alvin Jackson

                 Willie Whitfield, Sr. (b.1912, Kinston, NC - Oct,1959)
                    Married Marie Magdalen Carter

                    Children of Willie Whitfield, Sr. and Marie Magdalen Carter:

                         Marie Willie Whitfield (d. at birth)

                         Willie Whitfield, Jr.
                            Married Maggie

                            Children of Willie Whitfield, Jr. and Maggie:

                                 Jennifer Marie Whitfield
                                    Married Spencer Prescott

                                 Leslie Whitfield
                                    Married James Friday

                                 Mark Whitfield, Sr.
                                    Married Bianca

                                         Kyia Rose Whitfield
                                         Mark Whitfield, Jr.
                                         Sean Whitfield

                                 Derek Whitfield
                                    Married Brenda

                                         Yasmine Whitfield
                                         Xavier Whitfield

                         Shirley Whitfield
                            Married Houston T. Courtney, Sr. (d.Nov. 1989)

                            Children of Shirley Whitfield and Houston T. Courtney, Sr.:

                                 Houston T. Courtney, Jr.
                                    Married Debra Rae Boswell (d. Nov. 2004)

                                         Tyron Raynard Courtney
                                         Joshua William Courtney

                                 Karen Maria Courtney married Paul Edward Wedge

                                 Margaret Courtney Koon McDowell
                                    Married 2nd husband James McDowell

                                        Children of Margaret and 1st husband, Edward Lesley Koon

                                         Deon Edward Koon
                                         Durell Lesley Koon

                         Vincent Whitfield

                         Yvonne Whitfield

                         Thomas Whitfield

                                 Bernadette Whitfield

                         Reginald Whitfield
                            Married Joyce Mathews

                            Children of Reginald Whitfield and Joyce Mathews:

                                 Carlton Whitfield

                                 Regina Whitfield
                                    Married Brown

                                         Reginald Brown
                                         Dashia Brown


                            Child of Whitfield:

                                 Bridget Whitfield married Phillip B. Cheeks
                                         Bryant Wellman-Cheeks
                                         Christopher Phillip Cheeks
                                         Tamara Lynnette Cheeks

                         Robert Charles Whitfield

                            Child of Robert Charles Whitfield:

                                 Roshanda Whitfield

                         Frances Whitfield

                            Child of Frances Whitfield:

                                 Jaquetta Wilson married Sean Colson
                                         Kyri M. Colson
                                         Kodi Colson

                         Lawrence Whitfield

                 Ethel Whitfield (b.1914, Kinston, NC)

         Walter Whitfield (b.1864, Kinston, NC - d. Sept. 25, 1959)
            Married Annie Pender on March 3rd 1896 in Wilson Conty.
         Fannie Whitfield (b.1865, Kinston, NC)

         Albert Whitfield (b.1869, Kinston, NC - d. April 28, 1934)
            Married Alice (d. Oct. 22,1935)

            Children of Albert and Alice Whitfield:

                 Benjamin Frank Whitfield (b.1891, Kinston, NC - d.1939)
                    Married Effie Lee Whitfield in Aug. 4, 1917 in Kinston, NC

                    Children of Benjamin "Frank" and Effie Lee Whitfield:

                         James Milton Whitfield (b.May 8th, 1918, Kinston, NC - d.Nov.1985 in the Bronx),
                         Ester Lee Whitfield (b. Jan 18, 1921, Kinston, NC),
                         Effie L. Whitfield (b.May 26, 1923, Kinston, NC)

                 Mattie Lee Whitfield (b. 1898, Kinston, NC) later became Mattie L. Burgess

                 Ophelia Whitfield (b. 1899, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Junius Taylor in March 17, 1921 in Kinston, NC

                    Children of Ophelia Whitfield and Julien Taylor:

                         Junius E. Taylor (b. Jan. 10, 1922, Kinston, NC - d.April 28 1990, Brooklyn, NY)
                         Gladys Taylor (b. 1923, Kinston, NC)
                         Henry William Lee Taylor (b. June 16, 1925, Kinston, NC - d.?)
                         ? Taylor (b. Mar. 14, 1929, Kinston, NC - d.?)

                 Herbert Whitfield (b. 1901, Kinston, NC)

                 Sallie Whitfield (b. 1903, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Fred Anderson, Sr. (b. Dec. 6 1902, Kinston, NC - d. April 15, 1984)
                    in May 18, 1922 in Kinston, NC

                    Child of Sallie Whitfield and Fred Anderson, Sr.:

                         Fred Anderson, Jr. (b. Nov. 8, 1922, Kinston, NC - d. Oct 7, 1992, Wash. D.C.)

                 Jessie Mae Whitfield (b. 1904, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Atwood Parker in June 2 1923 in Kinston
                    Note: Jessie Mae Parker later became Jessie Mae Bell

                    Children of Jessie Mae Whitfield and Atwood Parker:

                         Helen Marie Parker (b.Sept. 1, 1923, Kinston, NC)
                         Atwood Parker, Jr. (b.Dec. 13, 1924, Kinston, NC - d.Mar. 15, 1994, NYC)
                         Alice Lee Parker (b. June 7, 1926, Kinston, NC)
                         Philip Parker (b.1928, Kinston, NC)
                         Felix Alexander Parker (b. Dec. 2, 1928, Kinston, NC)

                 Glennie Eva Whitfield (b. 1905, Kinston, NC) later became Glenie Eva Wood

         Louis A. Whitfield (b.1871, Kinston, NC)
            Married Estella Canady (b.Aug 10, 1887 - d.Nov 1969) married in Kinston, NC)

            Children of Louis Whitfield and Estella Canady:

                 William Whitfield (b.1899, Kinston, NC)

                 Beatrice Whitfield (b.1902, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Arthur Solomon July 6, 1918 in Kinston, NC
                    Note: In the 1930 census the family was in Baltimore, MD

                     Children of Beatrice Whitfield and Arthur Solomon:

                         Inez Solomon (b.1917, Kinston, NC)

                         William Auther Solomon (b.June 20, 1921 Kinston, NC - Dec. 27 2002, Baltimore MD)
                        Married Dorothy Odell Gault
                             Children of William Arthur Solomon and Dorothy Odell Gault:
                                 William Arthur Solomon II
                                      Married Denesia Nelson (divorced)  Married Wuanita Aylett (divorced)
                                       Children of William Arthur Solomon II and Denesia Nelson:
                                         Patricia Grace Solomon Married Najeep Z. Peavy
                                              Child of Patricia Grace Solomon and Najeep Z. Peavy:
                                                 Najeep Peavy
                                              Child of Patricia Grace Solomon and Kline Moore:
                                                 Ferret Moore
                                         William Arthur Solomon III   Married Christina Elizabeth Dunn
                                              Child of William Arthur Solomon III and Christina Elizabeth Dunn:
                                                 William Arthur Solomon IV
                                       Child of William Arthur Solomon II and Wuanita Aylett:
                                         Jason Solomon
                                 Tyrone Solomon
                                         Tavon Solomon
                                       Children of Tyrone Solomon and Patricia Ann Williams :
                                         Tyreese Latisha Joseph Married Paul James Joseph
                                                 Ian Sampson Joseph
                                 Joseph Anthony Solomon
                                      Married Michelle Caron Ellis
                                         Joseph Anthony Solomon II
                                         Antonia Caron Married Eric Young
                                                 Kayla Young
                                 Beatrice Solomon
                                         Lamont Kinketti

                         Henry Lee Solomon (b.Oct. 30, 1922 - d.1987, Baltimore MD)
                         Mabel Solomon (b.1927)
                         Ruth Solomon (b.1928)
                         Caroline Solomon
                         Estelle Solomon
                                 Lola Jones (married Joseph Jones)
                                         Drusilla Allison (married Taron Allison)
                                                 Nicholas Shuler

                                                 Michaela Padilla
                                                 Lola Allison
                                         Jay Freeman
                                                 Joseph Freeman
                                 Andrea Buckner (married Clarence Buckner)
                                         Nicole Buckne
                                         Clarence Buckner
                                                 Shaquera Buckner

                                                 Ky'Asia Buckner
                                                 Kya Buckner
                                         Danielle Buckner
                                                 Skai Holt
                                                 Jabbar Holt
                                         David Watts Jr.
                                 Ruth Dean
                                         Dominique Chapman-Thomas (married Ty Thomas Sr.)
                                                 Ty Thomas Jr.

                                                 Tamira Thomas
                                                Tiana Thomas
                                         Dominic Chapman
                                                 Dominique Chapman
                                         Marcel Quickley
                                         Bianca Reed
                                                 Chayse Reed

                                                 Zoey White
                                         Jade Davis
                                         Jamal Davis
                                                 Jamal Davis Jr.
                                 Jerome Banks
                                         Antonio Banks
                                         Chris Banks (married Jonica Banks)
                                                 Chris Banks Jr.

                                                 Hassan Banks
                                                 David Banks
                                         Crystal Banks (married Kevin Wells)
                                                 Takeira Robinson
                                                 Morgan Robinson
                                                 Keon Robinson
                                                 Kaian Wells
                                                 Kaleb Wells
                                 Tony Solomon
                                         Tierra Solomon
                                                 Aaron Bellamy Jr.

                                                 Brooklyn Bellamy
                                         Brittany Solomon
                                                 Kourtney Kimble
                                         Tamera Solomon
                                         Tonisha Solomon
                                 Willie Mae Harris-Mitchell (married Antoine Mitchell)
                                         Craig Crowner
                                                 Craig Crowner Jr.

                                         Darrias Clowney
                                         Jordan Mitchell
                                 James Hill Sr. (married Wanda Merritt)
                                         James Hill Jr.
                                         Keon Hill
                                         Kayla Hill
                                         Jawan Hill
                                 Mark Hill Sr. (married Asia Andersont)
                                         Mark Hill Jr.
                                         Moosina Hill
                                         Kyron Hill
                                         Azure Hill
                                         Marco Hill

                 Louis A. Whitfield (b.July 4, 1902, Kinston, NC - d Jan. 1978, New Jersey)
                    Married Mary Dawson July 13, 1922 in Kinston, NC

                    Children of Louis A. Whitfield II and Mary Dawson:

                         Louis A. V. Whitfield (b. May 3, 1925 - d. May 1979, New Jersey)
                         Mary Louise Whitfield (b. Dec. 8 1926)
                         Charles L. Whitfield (b.Aug 14 1929, Kinston, NC)
                         Mildred Whitfield (b.Nov. 21 1930, Kinston, NC)
                         Inez Whitfield
                         Ingrid Whitfield

                 Willie Mae Whitfield (b.1905, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Mayo Brown, Sr. (b.Aug. 10 1903, NC - d. May 1950, NJ)
                    Note: The family was living in Burlington, New Jersey - 1930 census.

                    Child of Willie Mae Whitfield and Mayo Brown, Sr.:

                         Cortelyou Mayo Brown (b.Oct. 21, 1922, NC - d. Oct. 18, 2001 Burlington, NJ)

                 Lola Whitfield (b.1908, Kinston, NC)
                    Married Henry Whitfield January 17, 1922 in Kinston, NC

                    Child of Lola Whitfield and Henry Whitfield:

                         Willie Mae Whitfield (b.Feb. 23 1928, Lenoir)

                 Nokomia (?) Whitfield

                 Beaulah “Doll Baby” Whitfield

                    Child of Beaulah "Doll Baby" Whitfield:

                         Marion Whitfield (Marion Parker Jr.) (b.July 4th, 1930, Kinston, NC)

                 Mary Whitfield (b.June 20, 1916, Kinston, NC)

                 Laura Lee Whitfield (b.1924, Kinston, NC) ??

         Lizzie Whitfield (b.1877, Kinston, NC, NC - d.1923, Kinston, NC)
            Married Ernest Olds (b.1878, Kinston, NC - d.1953, Kinston, NC) in Kinston, NC

            Children of Lizzie Whitfield and Ernest Olds:

                 Jeffrey Olds (b.1900, Kinston, NC)
                     Lived in New York City.

                 Eula May Olds (b.1909, Kinston, NC)
                     Lived in Wash D.C. for a time (according to 1930 census)

                 Clemmy Olds (b.1892, Kinston, NC)

         Edward “Ed” Whitfield (b.Mar. 28, 1878, Kinston, NC - d.July 5, 1945, Kinston, NC)
            Mary Mewborne 1st wife-3 kids.
            Marzella Whitfield (b.Aug. 2, 1883 - d.June 10, 1956, Kinston, NC) 2nd wife-no kids.

            Children of Ed Whitfield and Mary Mewborne Whitfield:

                 Theodore Roosevelt Whitfield (b.Feb. 8, 1902, Kinston, NC - d.May 10, 1971, Chicago)
                     Lugene Ellen Green 1st wife-1 child (Vantile),
                     Elizabeth Wyatt Gore (2nd wife-no children) married on May 22, 1954

                     Child of Theodore Roosevelt Whitfield:

                         Vantile Emmanuel Whitfield (b. Sept. 8, 1930 - d.Jan. 9, 2005, Wash. DC)
                            Barbara Ellen Cobbs 1st wife,one child (Elizabeth),
                            Barbara Ann Grant (b.Feb. 6, 1935 - d.Jan. 17, 2005) 2nd wife,one child (Lance),
                            Averil Logan unmarried, one child (Bellina)
                            Lynn Whitfield (Actress), formerly known as Lynn C. Smith 3rd wife - no kids with Vantile.
                                   Child of Lynn Whitfield and Brian Gibson (d. Jan. 4, 2004): Grace Gibson
                            Loretta Argrett 4th wife - no kids with Vantile Whitfield.
                            Note: Rhea Johnson is the sister of Vantile Whitfield and is the daughter
                            of Lugene Ellen Green and Earl Wood Johnson.

                            Children of Vantile Whitfield:

                                 Elizabeth Ellen Whitfield

                                 Lance Vantile Whitfield
                                    Married Linda J. Mosley

                                    Children of Lance and Linda Whitfield:

                                         Nicoli Emmanuel Whitfield
                                         Ryan Alexander Whitfield

                                 Bellina Martin Logan
                                    Married Ben Bodé

                                    Children of Bellina Martin Logan and Ben Bodé:

                                         Lola Bodé

                 Vida Whitfield (b.Oct. 25, 1904, Kinston, NC - d.July 11, 1954)
                    Married Latney Jordan

                    Child of Vida Whitfield:

                         Nora Lee Whitfield (b.Dec. 10 1925 - d.Jan. 23, 1987)
                            Note: James Whitfield (d.2003) stated Nora was his distant cousin.

                            Child of Nora Lee Whitfield:

                                 Robert L. Whitfield (b. Jan. 6 1949 - d. Jan. 7, 1949)

                     Children of Vida Whitfield and Latney Jordan:

                         Roxana Jordan Evans
                            Married Stanley Evans, Sr.

                                 Linda Evans

                                         Kim Cutler
 Fenton Cutler Jr.

                                 Delmar Evans

                                         Delmar Evans, Jr.

                                                 Delmar Evans
                                                 Darius Evans

                                         Damon Evans

                                                 Damon Evans, Jr.
                                                 Jasmine Evans
                                                 Elijah Evans

                                 Stanley Evans Jr.

                         Melvin "Bud" Jordan

                         Gloria Jordan Sneed (d.April 22, 1988)
                            Married James Sneed, Sr.

                                 Bruce Sneed (d.Mar. 11, 2000)

                                 Kevin Sneed

                                 Gregory Sneed

                                         Gregory Sneed, Jr.

                                 James Sneed, Jr.

                         Edward Jordan

                                 Brenda Jordan

                                 Edward Jordan Jr.

                                         Jussica Jordan
                                         Antonio Jordan
                                         Brandon Jordan

                         Latney Jordan

                         Leroy Jordan

                         Jonathan Jordan

                                 Carla Haywood

                                 Patricia Jordan

                                         Tasia Jordan

                                 Mitzi Jordan

                                         Brian Jordan

                                 Lysette Jordan

                                 Christina Jordan

                                 Jonathan Jordan Jr.

                         Sophie Jordon Gibson
                            Married Willie Gibson, Sr.

                                 Willie Gibson Jr.

                                 Sherry Gibson

                                         Stephen Gibson

                                 Deborah Gibson


                                 Denise Gibson Lipford

                                         Julian Lipford

                                 Cassandra Gibson


                         Alice Jordon Perry

                                 Freddie Brooks

                                         Justin Brooks
                                         Brianna Brooks

                                         Jasmine Brooks

                                 Keith Brooks

                                 William Perry

                                         Curtis Perry
                                         Julissa Perry

                 Rudolph William Whitfield (b.Jan. 3rd 1908, Kinston, NC) married Arnetta L.

         Bryant Whitfield (b.1880, Kinston, NC - d.1952, Kinston, NC)
            Married Virgina Foushee in Kinston, NC)

                Children of Bryant Whitfield and Virginia Foushee:

                 Ruth Whitfield (b.1903, Kinston, NC)
                     Married Lawrence Oliver Taylor (b.1892) July 27, 1921 in Kinston, NC
                     Note: Lived in Washington D.C. (according to 1930 census).
                     Cousin, Eula May Olds was also living with the family at that time.

                         John Bryant Taylor (b.1923-d.1988)
                            Married Sylvia Elizabeth King

                                 Virgina Elizabeth Taylor
                                    Married David Daniel Stradford

                                         Michael Stradford
                                            Married Trina Nicole Martin

                                                 Jasmine LaShawn Stradford
                                                 Monique Denise Stradford

                                         Bryan Eric Stradford

                                         Gregory Darnell Stradford

                                                 Zoe Savannah Stradford
                                                 Zoeana Q. Stradford ( birth)

                                 John Taylor, Jr.

                                 Diane Cecelia Taylor
                                    Married William Earl Hyman (divorced),
                                    Married Henry Lee Allen (divorced)

                                         Linette Marie Allen
                                            Married Michele Santamaria

                                                 Christina Michelle Santamaria
                                                 Diana Christine Santamaria
                                                 Giovanni Samuel Santamaria

                                         Reginald Lee Allen

                                                 Imani Diane Allen

                                 Lawrence Oliver Taylor, II

                                         Lawrence Oliver Taylor, III
                                         Aalyiah Briana Taylor

                         Earl Taylor (b.1925-d.2002)
                            Married Lulabelle "Belle" Wiggins Taylor

                                 Earl Taylor, Jr.

                                 Timothy Taylor

                                 Jackie Taylor

                         Jerry Taylor

                         Margaret Elizabeth Taylor (b.1927-d.1987)
                            Married John McCauley

                                 John McCauley, Jr.

                                 Ruthena McCauley
                                    Married Frank Alexander Davis

                                         Frankie Alexander Davis, Jr.
                                                 Ta Jai "J.C." Davis

                                         Margo Elizabeth Davis-Iroko
                                            Married Adakunle Iroko
                                                 Cierra Afolashade - Faye Iroko

                         Allowicious Taylor (b.1929)

                         Tyrone Taylor

                 Eunice Whitfield (b. Oct. 4,1907, Kinston, NC - d. Sept. 22,1984)
                     She later became Eunice W. Collie

                 Thomas Whitfield (b. Sept. 15, 1916, Kinston, NC)

                 Walter Bryant Whitfield (b. April 14,1919, Kinston, NC - d. Jan 24,1973, Kinston, NC)
                     Married Christia D. Davis (b.Nov. 9, 1920 - d.July 15, 2000, Lagrange, NC)

                         James Paul Davis
                            Married Isabella Steward

                                 Kristen Lee Davis

                         Elaine Whitfield
                            Married Curtis Ray Moore, Sr. (divorced)

                                 Curtis Ray Moore
                                    Married Denise Proctor

                                         Airyual Moore
                                         Immanuel Elijah Moore
                                         Noale Harmonie Moore

                                 Katena E. Moore
                                    Married Anthony Donier Cherry

                         Walter Bryant Whitfield, Jr. (b.1949)

         Elijah Whitfield (b.1883, Kinston, NC)